What is CORE?

A community driven home automation hardware platform.

Getting Started

What is CORE? What does it do?

CORE is a community-driven home automation hardware platform.

We designed and built our environment on the foundation that PRIVACY is paramount, INTERFACE should be intuitive, and TECHNOLOGY should be radically inclusive.

We bring the best of leading-edge home automation technology, methods and ideas into one hardware solution. Providing an unmatched home automation experience for everyone is our mission at its CORE.

What does it do?

CORE is your honest-to-goodness 100% local* home automation solution, acting as the conductor to your orchestra of smart devices. It makes building automations a fun visual experience where you’ll gain confidence and experience making your devices work for you, how you want them to. Also, we make the brand names and the no names work together so that you can get the most out of what devices you already own.

* Cloud-based voice assistants and services can be integrated with CORE, but are not required.

What Is CORE

CORE is a community-driven home automation hardware platform, designed and built on the foundation that PRIVACY is...

Device Support

Through the combination of Oh-La LABS development and the adoption of leading-edge open-source projects, at last glance...

A Humble Beginning

For some of us it started with an RGB bulb, some with a Tasmotized LED strip, some a smart outlet. No matter what the...


No hidden data collection tactics.Your CORE will only access the outside world when you want it to. Not only do we...


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It takes time to stay up-to-speed and involved in order to make informed decisions on adoption. We put ongoing...