Security. Paramount.

No hidden data collection tactics.

Your CORE will only access the outside world when you want it to. Not only do we identify and clearly label services and code that could potentially access the outside world, we’ve baked in additional technology for your protection. Our focus is on YOU having control over your hardware.

Baked in WireGuard

WireGuard is included. Just run the wizard. This is a safe way for YOU to access your CORE from the outside world. No rocket science required.

We handle the tough parts of the configuration and have simplified it to just a few steps. Once enabled, CORE generates QR codes for one-click setup of devices you’d like to access your CORE from anywhere, safely.

Local Certificates

Each Primary CORE has its own unique root certificate installed. This enables you to be 100% offline, still secure.

*(optional) For your certificate to be signed by a recognized Certificate Authority, it will require additional configuration steps.

Local Backups

Back up your CORE to a local storage device or server of your choice. This configurable backup contains everything you’d expect but also specific radio chip information and user data that includes Node-RED and the entirety of any of your work in our IDE. *Limitations apply. See documentation for details.

*The OS and firmware are not part of this backup.

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No hidden data collection tactics.Your CORE will only access the outside world when you want it to. Not only do we...


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