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Pre-launch is starting

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Our goal is to spread the power of optimism to inspire healthier communities by connecting people with real gadgets such as devices pre-loaded with Tasmota.

Your Collective Core by Oh-La LABS the new platform that offers advanced interoperability and usability packaged nicely with local control and execution.

The Collective Core by Oh-La LABS represents the future in home automation technology that we all have been waiting for. Our expert engineers and architects have designed the platform from the ground up to ensure our system is *efficient and has no I/O bottlenecks. Featuring a quad core CPU with proper multi threading and neural processing (Not on a RPi4), 1Gb Ethernet, 4GB RAM. Z-Wave and (Ooh the) Zigbee are a shoe-in with onboard Wi-Fi for automated device pairings and will also include other advanced wireless technologies. (We have some really cool things coming.)

We are dedicated to bringing you the most reliable and easy to use platform in the field, Oh-La LABS is poised to become a household name through a design that grows with your home automation expectations.

We ensure our products meet strict Quality Control standards, so you can be confident you are receiving a high quality product.

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*Correction for possible misinterpretation