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[Review] Aqara High Precision Motion Sensor (RTCGQ13LM)

The Aqara – High Precision Motion Sensor (RTCGQ13LM) is a nice sensor. I set out to find one of these little gems and found that these aren’t on the shelf in the Aqara stores. They are only available within Mainland China and are intended for sale to B2B integrators. These are provided by request and are “behind the counter”.

The device is packaged well and includes everything needed to mount the device to a ceiling. You can either recess it with the included sleeve or flush mount it.


Right now, the RTCGQ13LM Motion sensor only works with the Aqara M2 Gateway (ZHWG12LM) and the only good way to integrate it with other platforms is through Homekit. At the time this was written, this device will not pair with the Xiaomi Mijia Multi-Mode Gateway (ZNDMWG03LM).

The Aqara High Precision Motion Sensor is crazy sensitive. It can detect your fingers moving at 2 meters distance. The sensitivity settings are low/med/high. It works well with the M2 Gateway, although it will take some time for this to work with third party system due to the non-standard clusters it uses in its communication. Looking at the Zigbee packets, there is a seemingly random string of bytes being sent from the M2 gateway. Without this, the device does not accept time out settings and motion is not reported reliably. When used to determine presence, this device is amazing. I will need to use it more long term to know if it really works as expected, but the initial experience was very positive.

The price is 299 CNY/$45.50 USD. Availability is limited due to a Zigbee chip shortage and the device is only available in Mainland China. This sensor is a bit large. It is displayed in the photo below next to an Aqara T1 Motion Sensor. (RTCGQ12LM)

(RTCGQ13LM) with (RTCGQ12LM)

The sensor is the size of a 3” down light and requires a 3.5” hole for recessed mounting in the ceiling. It can be mounted to the ceiling without recessing it. It is very well built and has some weight to it.

The sensor takes 2 cr2450 batteries

Mounting bracket is 113 x 113 x 41 mm

The device is 74 x 74 x 43.3 mm

dimensional photos

Over all, I feel like this sensor is very well built. I can see it solving any issues with room presence. I look very much forward to using this sensor long term in my smart home.