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Hardware Is decided!

We had a great work session today! Our energy is high and we're full of anticipation. We are still in the process of building our campaign, so this is becoming very real. There is a long list of things that will happen and we have not yet decided on an official date .. yet. But that decision will be made very soon.

We have had extensive conversations about control. We are making very sure that everything that can be local will be local. That includes offline updates. If you choose not to rely on cloud services and updates, you will still be able to update your Collective Core without connecting it to the internet. That being said, this keeps your integrations on your terms. Now, on to the hardware side of things.

  • CPU: 4 core 1.91 GHz ARMv8
  • Ram 4GB DDR3 (DDR4 if available at manufacture time)
  • EMMC Storage: 32GB or 64GB
  • WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Ethernet: 1Gbps
  • Ports: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI 2.1 +?
  • Zigbee Radio: Silicon Labs Zigbee Multiprotocol Chip
  • Z-Wave Radio: Silicon Labs 700 Series
  • Power: Barrel will be standard but a barrel to USB-C adapter will be an optional accessory.

We've had very long discussions about USB-C vs Barrel power connectors. Since we all have different preferences, we decided to go with both.

In the coming week, we will be working on getting our ducks in a row with the campaign and continuing with our active development. At this point, our responses may be a bit slow, but we ARE here and we DO appreciate your support. Look for more updates and maybe a few hints around the community in the near future. Very exciting stuff!