About Us

Open Source culture defines our modern organization. We incorporate and contribute to the advancement of Open Source projects.

Connected. Absolutely.

We Create Cool Stuff

Built from the ground up as an international group striving to create an environment that has an all-inclusive integration with a wide array of industries. Our global network of business relationships and resources enables us to create lateral integrations with alternate technology fields from international trade and business structures. This makes us a formidable presence in this industry. Something that an IoT startup company alone cannot do.

Entrepreneur. We’ve Got you.

We help you create cool stuff

Oh-La LABS is an incubator for IoT startup companies. We are the future for young IoT entrepreneurs.

Foundation. Solid.

Your Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

Interoperability and usability define our core values. Our focus within the industry is towards unified standards and privacy focused architecture. We look forward to assimilating you.

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